Why is the Public School System Failing?

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Americans are made privy to the fact that our education system is failing to meet the international standards of our global world every day. The most powerful and wealthy country in the world cannot seem to find the right formula to educate its youth, and America is quickly falling behind many other first world countries in the rankings.

Middle class American work excessive hours and come home fatigued with the hope that their children will receive an adequate education in the public school system. They don’t have the time to equip their children with such skills, and they often lack the money to fund an outrageously expensive private school education. Hardworking, college educated Americans are often forced to put all of their faith in a public school system is that is constantly labeled as failing on our news headlines. We can't understand why, when we live in a country with so much wealth.

This system that seems to constantly fail to produce results is a neglected institution, because although the American people want their children to experience a first class educational experience, they are often unwilling to fund it. Levys fail constantly, even in high income areas, and yet we wonder why our children are failing and we paying huge amounts of money to provide supplemental education.

Funding is necessary to create a successful system, for we need supplies, teachers, and safe buildings to house our schools in so that we can create an environment conductive to learning. In addition to this, teachers are paid poorly compared to others who are highly educated, and this makes the profession less attractive to the most talented individuals.

The public school system is not treated as a business, and this means that even when funding is available it is often misused and abused. It is no secret that the public school system is infamous for creating inefficient budget plans that do not provide for the students’ needs. Teacher, students and parents alike are frustrated with the systems and Americans are asking for a change.

Like any successful business, the public school systems of America need appropriate funding to create a system that produces results. Making education a priority in our country could greatly impact our children and their future, and we can do this by increasing funding and spending it appropriately. Next, we need to prioritize as a people, and decide what aspects of our system need the most work and put our funds into those areas.

Hiring professional, caring and qualified teachers who are motivated to achieve results and utilizing business professionals who will balance the budget could greatly improve our system. In the business world we only hire those are willing to produce results, and yet in teaching we are willing to let those who fail continue to teach for years until they are forced to retire. Viewing our education system as a business could help our country. We need to look to ourselves to answer the question “Why are our schools failing in such an affluent country?”

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