Should teachers have a say in how funding is dispersed in schools to bring about educational and social reform?

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As a future teacher, it is now my job to be interested in the happenings of hot educational topics such as school funding, poverty in schools, teachers’ pay, curriculum and testing standards, bullying, racism, and many, many more topics. When deciding which topic to present and discuss, I picked a topic that would be relatable to everyone who reads this article. My topic appeals to them as people who have been through the educational system. The topic at hand is school funding, dispersion of money, and budget cuts in education.


Students of this generation are facing oppression from many places including the United States government because their schools are not getting the appropriate amount of funding for supplies and teachers for a quality education that they so rightly deserve. I hope that my topic will allow everyone that reads this article the opportunity to discuss and ponder upon the way in which our government is funding education and hopefully gain perspective.

I find that although this is a topic that gets discussed again and again, it is still very relevant in today’s society and relates to present issues and obstacles facing the educational system. Current educational reform in the United States is still trying to work out the kinks in funding by trying to balance the educational budget, but at the same time, we are now facing teachers being laid off, shortage of supplies, and packed classrooms. I hope that what this audience takes away from my presentation of information is the fact that we as future teachers need to stand up for the future generations of this nation because they deserve a quality education that is more individualized and easier to obtain than what is supplied to today’s generation.

It is important for teachers, future and present, to understand the current educational and social reforms and how they interact with each other. I hope to propose to everyone that the current social and educational dilemma that is occurring with school funding; dispersion of money to wealthy and poverty-stricken schools; and budget cuts across the educational and social board in the United States. Teachers are important and are vital in determining how money is incorporated into the schools. They should have a voice when it comes to what the school spends funding on and how it is brought into the classroom that way their individual needs are met.

I feel that present and future teachers can take the social and educational problems that arise and find their voices in order to bring about reform that this country so badly needs. They need to understand what is occurring in the reform system and make educational decisions politically in order to bring about change. If we understand what is the cause of school funding and budget cuts and why it is not dispersed evenly, we can see what consequences occur from current educational and social reform. Then after seeing the consequences, we can learn from mistakes and correct them with new reform by standing behind it and having a voice.

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